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CoComply Pay-As-You-Go Flex

Enjoy the freedom to scale your worker classification and IR35 compliance efforts as your organisation evolves in a way that’s simple, cost-effective, and perfectly suited to your business.

Why CoComply Pay-As-You-Go Flex?
Welcome to CoComply's Pay-As-You-Go Flex service, designed to revolutionise your compliance management experience. With our flexible and innovative approach, you gain access to a range of services tailored to meet your specific worker classification and IR35 requirements.
Pay-As-You-Go Compliance
Only pay for the services you need
Fully Insured
If misclassification happens, CoComply accept liability
Credit based system
Scale services up and down when you need
CoComply Pay-As-You-Go Flex Solutions
Role Based Assessment - F2F - 1 credit (can be circulated up to 3 contractors - 1 additional credit per 5 contractors) - inc SoW review
Role Based Assessment - Digital - 1 credit ( manager must have completed training - 1 credit)
Contractor Based Assessment - 1 credit
Contract Review - 1 credit per 15 pages
Group Training Session - 3 credits up to 5 persons
Supplier Data Wash - 1 credit per 500 lines
Role Re-Engineering - 1 credit per 30 minutes (average 3 credits inc. issue of SDS)
Check In - 1 credit (auto-scheduled)
Digital Training Centre - 1 credit per 5 users - recurring per month access
Frequently asked questions

Each credit is charged at £75

Yes, credits can be purchased in bulk via your CoComply dashboard

Credits can be distributed across your business and to colleagues that have been granted access by super users

No, you can use credits as and when you need to

Training and consulting time can be booked via Calendly in your account dashboard or alternatively speak directly to one of our team members.

Contracts that exceed more than 12 pages will may be subject to additional credits

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