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When Quint met CoComply

"CoComply got us up to speed in a cost effective manner very quickly. We are a highly regulated and complex business and need all our of compliance requirements to delivered to the highest standard. The CoComply model has made that the comprehensive reality."

Who are they?

Based in Cheshire, just south of Manchester, Quint Group is a multinational Financial Services business with multiple subsidiaries including Monevo, a global lending marketplace, Acquired, a market leading payment gateway and Credit Intelligence, focused on delivering insights and consumer credit improvement services to borrowers.

What was the problem?

Quint Group has pockets of specialist contractors operating within its businesses, delivering a range of diverse services from IT contracting to sales and business development.

The contractors were business critical and operated in business of their own right. Operating in a highly regulated sector, Quint Group needed to ensure that their off-payroll compliance was water-tight, meeting both the requirements for 'Reasonable Care' and ensuring thatthe correct tax status was declared to HMRC.

Quint Group was also conscious that compliance needed to be managed by genuine experts, and lacked the internal subject matter expertise to meet this requirement with internal resource.

What we did and do...

CoComply took Quint Group through process from base line to ongoing BAU managed compliance:

  • Identified all PSC suppliers and correctly classified their supplier status

  • Review and advise on internal policy

  • Review Contracts and Statements of Work for IR35 compliance

  • Assessed all roles, and re-engineers the working practices for those that could compliantly be engaged off-payroll, moving them from an on-payroll status

  • Assess their internal processes, taking into account their Sage HR system

  • Met with key stakeholders, explaining to them the pillars of off-payroll compliance and training on the management of 3rd party worker compliance

  • Supported Quint in the launch of internal policy documentation and communication to stakeholders and suppliers

  • CoComply now manages and reports on all off-payroll workers for Quint Group, answers queries on demand, provides continuous training for new contractors and stakeholders.

  • CoComply regularly assesses the current engagements, and creates the evidence trail to protect Quint from further HMRC interrogation by demonstrating Reasonable Care and correct classification of workers.

Greg Cox, Group CEO
"CoComply got us up to speed in a cost effective manner very quickly. We are a highly regulated and complex business and need all our of compliance requirements to delivered to the highest standard. The CoComply model has made that the comprehensive reality."
Reduce unnecessary tax spend by over £350k, demonstrating a 20x return on investment
Reduced administrative burden on under-qualified internal staff by 12+ hours per month
Drove improved deliverables and performance of the contractor population by ensuring robust SoW management
Supported the business in moving to a two channel recruitment process for on and off-payroll workers, ensuring that off-payroll workers had clear deliverables and lacked significant oversight. Business reported a better commercial consideration to engaging contractors

Customers love using CoComply.

Charlotte Dollery, HR Business Partner


CoComply are the go to. Any issues or queries, they are immediately on-hand, they understand our business and process having supported us in implementing policy and keep a tight grip on our compliance. It has saved us thousands and given us confidence in engaging external workers

Anna Beecroft, HR Director


With CoComply we have an expert partner that takes care of our compliance requirements end to end. We now have complete confidence in our IR35 and compliance policy, and able to demonstrate the huge savings and value that this brings to the board, and if required HMRC.

Dave Strain, CFO


Management of our Off-Payroll workers was a complex task. CoComply handled it with sensitivity, took the time to understand the risks posed to us and it gives us great confidence knowing we have a partner that gets our business, engagement types and is there when we need them.

Mohammed A Rashad, Director Advanced Clinical Practitioner

The Medicines Management Team

CoComply has been an invaluable partner for our business. Their personalised approach, meticulous attention to the IR35 regulations along with their willingness to understand our business intricacies has given us the freedom and confidence to engage with external workers confidently and compliantly. We would recommend CoComply to any company seeking to improve compliance when it comes to IR35 and worker status.

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