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Our Work - Global Pharmaceutical Company (client name on request)

""We are a complex business with multiple UK and international stakeholders. CoComply have been an invaluable partner in navigating the complexities of the OPW as we continue to support our valued off-payroll worker suppliers in delivering exceptional value to our business in a compliant manner" Global Talent Acquisition Director"

Who are they?

Our client is a Japanese multinational pharmaceutical company, formed on 1 April 2005.

The organisation employs 20,000 people worldwide, with over 500 heads in the UK.

What was the problem?

The organisation has a significant population of PSC suppliers providing diverse service types, both directly to the company and via their MSP partner. The client profile is one of a highly regulated, prestigious organisation with an extremely low threshold for risk of non-compliance.

The client had executed outstanding ground work in preparation for the April 2021 reforms, and began looking for a partner that could support in the on-going management of compliance, ensuring it is maintained to the highest standards. The client was also conscious that compliance needed to be managed by genuine experts, and lacked the internal subject matter expertise to meet this requirement with internal resource at the required scale.

What we did and do...

Working with Procurement, Talent and Legal, and following an extensive and competitive procurement process, CoComply began to assess engagements that were currently positioned on payroll that met the initial threshold for off-payroll status. These were then migrated to an off payroll working framework with compliant policy, with working practices regularly assessed and managed by CoComply, resulting in significant savings for the business.

CoComply supported with an identification process of PSC workers and Sole Traders via the supply chain, taking a highly sensitive approach and ensuring that these suppliers were correctly identified as PSCs. Where the status was borderline, these PSCs are flagged for regular status checks.

Complex internal processes have been navigated, working with SAP Ariba PR, PO and CW references, tailoring the CoComply service and documentation to ensure reference-ability and supporting on the RIM process.

Where 3rd party workers are supplying services as fully outsourced service, CoComply performs incremental checks on the workers, ensuring the status does not change resulting in the client becoming the end client in the supply chain and bearing OPW responsibility.

The client has its own internal training and process policy, co-created with input from CoComply.

CoComply continues to manage the Off-Payroll population of workers, ensuring on-going compliance in line with regulation, with weekly contact with the procurement team and working directly with the Talent Acquisition Director.

Reviewed and supported in the restructure of Off- Payroll working process and on-going management
Undertook hundreds of assessments and advised on and off-payroll status
Re-engineered engagements and updated working practices where off-payroll working was possible in a compliant manner
CoComply acts as the off-payroll compliance partner, dealing with regular queries, regular checks, ongoing training and reporting.
CoComply acts as the off-payroll compliance partner, dealing with regular queries, regular checks, ongoing training and reporting.
What Our Clients Say

Our clients stay compliant,

attract top talent and save money

“CoComply are the go to. Any issues or queries, they are immediately on-hand, they understand our business and process having supported us in implementing policy and keep a tight grip on our compliance. It has saved us thousands and given us confidence in engaging external workers”
Charlotte Dollery, HR Business Partner
“With CoComply we have an expert partner that takes care of our compliance requirements end to end. We now have complete confidence in our IR35 and compliance policy, and able to demonstrate the huge savings and value that this brings to the board, and if required HMRC.”
Anna Beecroft, HR Director
“Management of our Off-Payroll workers was a complex task. CoComply handled it with sensitivity, took the time to understand the risks posed to us and it gives us great confidence knowing we have a partner that gets our business, engagement types and is there when we need them.”
Dave Strain, CFO
“CoComply has supported our journey in navigating the complexities of IR35 legislation to achieve compliance within our off-payroll population. Their team conducted thorough IR35 assessments, offering invaluable guidance and advice in relation to contracts and working practices. Thanks to CoComply, we have confidence and assurance to engage with off-payroll workers in a fully compliant manner.”
Joanna Dyson, People Operations Manager
Dementia UK
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