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The UKs leading IR35 compliance solutions

Get expert IR35 compliance now, four times faster and at a fraction of the price of traditional professional services firms.

Who We Are
CoComply accurately classifies your independent workers and keeps them compliant. For a fixed, simple monthly fee.
No more relying on insurance policies and information provided by untrained line managers. No more huge professional service firm bills. Our experts supported by cutting edge AI streamlines your worker classification process across all your supply channels. Let our team manage everything for you and keep you compliant.
IR35 Services
Every classification and IR35 compliance service you need. In one place.
CoComply Pay-As-You-Go Flex
CoComply Worker Classification Managed Service
CoComply Pay-As-You-Go Flex
Why CoComply Pay-As-You-Go Flex
Welcome to CoComply's Flex service, designed to revolutionise your compliance management experience. With our flexible and innovative approach, you gain access to a range of services tailored to meet your specific worker classification and IR35 requirements.
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CoComply Managed Service
Why CoComply Managed Service
Outsource the management of worker classification compliance and start to maximise cost savings whilst strengthening supply chain resilience to risk. It’s our flagship service to safeguard you from misclassification risks using a combination of leading AI technology and human expertise.
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Unlocking the advantages of a compliant programme with CoComply
Exceptional compliance with peace of mind and ROI
Independent service designed to protect your business interests
Recognise instant cost savings through correctly classified engagements
Fully indemnified service - Eliminate risk exposure, tax liabilities and fines
Attract and retain a high calibre flexible workforce with confidence
Compliantly reengineer on-payroll engagements to off-payroll
Engage contractors without the concern of non-compliance
Seamless and positive onboarding experience for contractors
Streamlined Compliance
Ongoing compliance monitoring and evidence gathering managed
Frictionless process that can be embedded into day-to-day operations
High impact training that enhances organisational compliance posture
Full visibility of worker classification statuses across your business
Remove admin burden and risk exposure from internal teams
Correct classify engagements and avoid inflated services costs
Access to dedicated experts when you need
Ready for friction-free Worker Classification?
Start your journey with CoComply today by speaking to our team of experts
Frictionless Worker Classification Compliance Process Beyond Initial Assessment
Never have to worry about whether you have misclassified your workers again. We handle determinations and ongoing compliance obligations eliminating the admin overhead and risk exposure from your internal teams. All your compliance evidenced and documentation along with live reporting on worker status is just one click away!
Why Choose Us
Why Clients Trust CoComply
Clients partner with CoComply for unparalleled expertise in IR35 and worker classification. With CoComply, clients are able to mitigate misclassification risks, simplify reporting, and benefit from a personalised service, underpinned by leading technology allowing us to service clients no matter the size of their workforce. We're the trusted choice for those seeking efficient, compliant, and cost-effective worker classification management.

The CoComply team has extensive experience implementing global contingent workforce and supplier management programmes. We understand all how to overcome challenges and intricacies involved in achieving a successful worker classification programme

We play the role of your independent compliance officer, removing any bias whilst ensuring a robust and frictionless process is adhered to - No more gaming the system

CoComply works around your internal processes and systems, rather than asking you to work around ours. We provide a thorough service that is sensitive to your time

Our data wash tool has been specifically designed to rapidly identify contractors operating within your business so they can be captured in the worker classification process

Trust CoComply’s combination of AI Technology and human expertise to reach the right conclusion. We remove any ambiguity from status determinations

We agree on a check-in cadance to ensure contractor activities align with the initial determination and no changes have occurred to working practices

Not every manager is an IR35 expert. We help your internal teams understand their responsibilities whilst addressing any concerns and growing your internal IR35 maturity.

What Our Clients Say

Our clients stay compliant,

attract top talent and save money

“CoComply has supported our journey in navigating the complexities of IR35 legislation to achieve compliance within our off-payroll population. Their team conducted thorough IR35 assessments, offering invaluable guidance and advice in relation to contracts and working practices. Thanks to CoComply, we have confidence and assurance to engage with off-payroll workers in a fully compliant manner.”
Joanna Dyson, People Operations Manager
Dementia UK
“With CoComply we have an expert partner that takes care of our compliance requirements end to end. We now have complete confidence in our IR35 and compliance policy, and able to demonstrate the huge savings and value that this brings to the board, and if required HMRC.”
Anna Beecroft, HR Director
“Management of our Off-Payroll workers was a complex task. CoComply handled it with sensitivity, took the time to understand the risks posed to us and it gives us great confidence knowing we have a partner that gets our business, engagement types and is there when we need them.”
Dave Strain, CFO
“CoComply are the go to. Any issues or queries, they are immediately on-hand, they understand our business and process having supported us in implementing policy and keep a tight grip on our compliance. It has saved us thousands and given us confidence in engaging external workers”
Charlotte Dollery, HR Business Partner
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