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Worker Classification & IR35 Solutions

Streamline worker classification and IR35 compliance with CoComply

When recruiting and engaging contractors, minor errors can escalate into significant compliance challenges. Worker classification rules and legislation change on a frequent basis making it a challenge.

Empower Your Growth Without Concerns With CoComply
The Gold Standard in Worker Classification Compliance
We recognise your urgency to onboard talent swiftly, free from compliance anxieties. Day-in-day out, we help our customers to navigate the complexities of worker classification and IR35, empowering you to confidently engage contractors and flexible workers while staying fully compliant with regulations.
CoComply Pay-As-You-Go Flex
Why CoComply Pay-As-You-Go Flex
Welcome to CoComply's Flex service, designed to revolutionise your compliance management experience. With our flexible and innovative approach, you gain access to a range of services tailored to meet your specific worker classification and IR35 requirements.
Flexible Pay-As-You-Go compliance bundles
No monthly commitment
Fully Indemnified
Access dedicated team of experts when you need
Drive continuous improvement and resilience to risk
CoComply Managed Service
Why CoComply Managed Service
Outsource the management of worker classification compliance and start to maximise cost savings whilst strengthening supply chain resilience to risk. It’s our flagship service to safeguard you from misclassification risks using a combination of leading AI technology and human expertise.
Independent & fully managed solution
Recognise cost savings and ROI through correct classifications
Data driven insights that drive performance and enablement
Streamline compliance and strengthen organisational resilience to risk
Reduce internal overheads through automation and human expertise
Failure can be the biggest catalyst for change
Partner with CoComply to get ahead of the compliance curve
Consequences of misclassifying workers or Inaction
Large tax liabilities or inflated taxation costs
Reputational damage with tax and regulatory bodies
Inflated fees for 3rd party services
Increased liability shift up the supply chain
Costly and time consuming to resolve
Shareholder value impact
Failures or withholdings in M&A transactions
Challenges of managing worker classification and IR35
Worker classification status can change during service provision
Line managers overpaying for incorrectly categorised workers
Insufficient internal capacity and expertise
Bias can often cause classifications to be manipulated
Lack of process to capture compliance at key junctures
Limited supplier visibility across all spend categories and systems
Lack of accountability and ownership internally
What Our Clients Say

Our clients stay compliant,

attract top talent and save money

“CoComply are the go to. Any issues or queries, they are immediately on-hand, they understand our business and process having supported us in implementing policy and keep a tight grip on our compliance. It has saved us thousands and given us confidence in engaging external workers”
Charlotte Dollery, HR Business Partner
“With CoComply we have an expert partner that takes care of our compliance requirements end to end. We now have complete confidence in our IR35 and compliance policy, and able to demonstrate the huge savings and value that this brings to the board, and if required HMRC.”
Anna Beecroft, HR Director
“CoComply has supported our journey in navigating the complexities of IR35 legislation to achieve compliance within our off-payroll population. Their team conducted thorough IR35 assessments, offering invaluable guidance and advice in relation to contracts and working practices. Thanks to CoComply, we have confidence and assurance to engage with off-payroll workers in a fully compliant manner.”
Joanna Dyson, People Operations Manager
Dementia UK
“Management of our Off-Payroll workers was a complex task. CoComply handled it with sensitivity, took the time to understand the risks posed to us and it gives us great confidence knowing we have a partner that gets our business, engagement types and is there when we need them.”
Dave Strain, CFO
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