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IR35 for Contingent MSP Providers

In today's landscape, where workforce management and compliance with tax legislation like IR35 are paramount, CoComply offers comprehensive solutions to MSPs (Managed Service Providers). Combining leading AI technology with expert human oversight, we streamline and manage worker classification compliance.

Why CoComply
CoComply understands that the IR35 determination process can be complex and burdensome. Whether your end clients handle these determinations themselves or rely on your expertise, we've got you covered. Our white-labeled services ensure that you and your clients remain protected from misclassification risks throughout your program. Alternatively, you can choose to work with us independently, leveraging our unmatched expertise in IR35.
A Fully Managed Worker Classification Solution
Completely managed, end to end worker classification process
Virtual face to face line manager and contractor assessments
Compliantly transform on-payroll engagements into authentic off-payroll arrangements, resulting in substantial cost reductions
Working practices monitored and verified through automated and manual check-ins
Comprehensive audit trail for a transparent record of classification decisions
Real time dashboard reporting and insights
IR35 reviews of Contracts & SoWs
Data wash service to quickly identify in-scope contractors across your client supply chain and engagement channels
Training & ongoing support for hiring managers
Dedicated account management and query line
Full integration with VMS systems
The CoComply Advantage
Engage contractors compliantly with added peace of mind for your clients
Remove bias from assessment process
Free up your team and clients from complex and arduous compliance work
Mitigate risks of misclassification by working with independent experts
Maximise cost savings for your clients by correctly classifying engagements
Attract high calibre contractor/freelancers to your talent pools
Increase compliance and IR35 maturity across your MSP programme
Access dedicated account management
As an enterprise business, you'll have access to a dedicated account manager ready to address your worker classification inquiries
Dedicated account manager
Expert compliance specialists on hand to support when needed
Queryline to troubleshoot all your questions
Get started with CoComply today
As a forward-thinking business, you can count on CoComply to provide the technology, expertise, and services necessary to navigate the intricacies of IR35 compliance in the contingent workforce sector. Our commitment to ensuring your success and the success of your clients drives us to continuously innovate and deliver excellence in every aspect of worker classification management.