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IR35 Solutions for Small and Medium Companies

CoComply provides an independent and all-encompassing worker classification solution for SMEs. Confidently engage your contractors without the concern of misclassification risks, allowing you to focus on the growth of your business.

Independent experts
Access expert advice and guidance knowing your best interests are always being protected
Safeguard Your Enterprise
Reduce risks and hire with confidence, knowing that global worker classification and tax compliance is managed
Reduce Costs
Benefit form enormous cost savings through accurate engagement and worker classifications
Full Visibility
Gain instant visibility of worker statuses and risks across your entire organisation
Worker classification made easy
Business as usual compliance activities taken care of in a fully managed or flex service
Precision in classifying and ongoing management of worker statuses across your supply chain
Automated and manual check-ins
Comprehensive audit trail, ensuring a transparent record of classification determinations
A flexible solution capable of handling large contractor volumes
Diversity & Inclusion
CoComply understands that fostering diversity and complying with employment laws go hand in hand. By assisting organisations in proper worker classification, CoComply contributes to building inclusive workplaces where everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive, regardless of their background
Centralised Insights & Integration Capabilities
Complete insight into worker classification statuses and potential risks throughout your organisation
Thorough audit trail, guaranteeing a clear record of classification decisions in a centralised platform
Gain valuable insights for data-driven decision-making
If required, CoComply can integrate with your internal or VMS systems, serving as the comprehensive solution for worker classification
Security and Data Protection
We adhere to GDPR and global privacy regulations
Easily handle user permissions with complete team flexibility
Secure your CoComply account with Single Sign-On authentication
Increased Competitiveness
Enhance reputation and competitiveness, when dealing with clients or partners who prioritise compliance
Account management
CoComply account management team are ready to address your worker classification inquiries
Dedicated account management
Expert compliance specialists on hand to support when needed
Queryline to troubleshoot all your questions
Get started with CoComply today
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