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Deliver cost savings whilst enhancing supply chain resilience to misclassification risks

CoComply ensures precise classification of engagements and workers across your entire supply chain, mitigating compliance risks and revealing significant cost-saving opportunities for Procurement and Finance teams.

Mitigate Misclassification Risk
Accurate Classification = Cost Savings
Increased visibility & actionable insights
Strengthen supply chain resilience to misclassification risk and deliver cost savings
Accurate classification and efficient management of engagement and workers statuses throughout your contingent labour and service supply chain
Quickly identify inscope contract suppliers with CoComply's data wash tool
Centralised view of on-payroll vs off-payroll cost savings through correct classification
Transform on-payroll engagements into authentic off-payroll arrangements, resulting in substantial cost reductions
Efficiently manage high data volumes with automation reducing internal admin overheads
Operate in a more effective and resilient way
Frictionless processes and streamlined reporting
Business as Usual compliance activities managed with call to action alerts
Realtime-Reporting dashboard of worker classification status across your business
Access compliance documentation and audit trail easily in a single platform
Gain valuable data-driven insights to drive performance and enablement
Ongoing training for your line managers and contractors
Increase compliance maturity and awareness across your business with training sessions for line managers and contractors
Seamless Integration
CoComply effortlessly embeds with your internal processes or systems, serving as the comprehensive solution for worker classification management throughout your supply chain. It grants you full visibility into your organisation's worker classification status across the board
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