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Full protection against misclassification risks across your business

CoComply offers a comprehensive solution to guarantee worker classification compliance for your contractors and freelancers. Our AI technology platform and team of experts bring simplicity to the process, granting you peace of mind while minimising any potential legal and tax risks for misclassification.

Mitigate misclassification risk
Full audit trail and evidencing of compliance
Instant compliance reporting
Misclassification protection
Protect against worker misclassification fines and penalties with CoComply indemnification
Reduce risk by guaranteeing adherence to local laws and legislation regardless of jurisdiction
Enjoy peace of mind when engaging contractors knowing they are paying the correct amount of tax
Mitigate risks of misclassification by working with specialists
Compliance evidencing & reporting
Full visibility of worker classification statuses and potential risks across your business
Comprehensive audit trail, ensuring a transparent record of classification determinations
Gain valuable data-driven insights on how to manage risks
Best practice worker classification
Independent compliance process removing bias
Business as usual compliance managed and monitored across entire supply chain
Centralised repository for easy retrieval of all essential compliance documentation
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